Q2-2014 Results – Not a good Quarter for System


I was occupied with family matters in the last few months but the system kept working and here are the results. The second quarter of the year was not good for the system. While the market gained 8.1 points in this quarter the system lost 4 points. It probably happened because I was not paying enough attention but I guess there will be quarters like this too. The bright side is that at the time I am publishing this I know the results of Q3 (to be published soon) and they are much better.

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Some statistics:

Total Profit -4.01 points on SPY
Number of trades 27
Number of profitable trades 13
Average Profit per trade -0.148 Points on SPY
Most Profitable Trade 3.4 Points on SPY
Most Losing Trade 2.53 Points on SPY

For the option traders it means that you lost almost 0.5 times your money

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