Daily Recap 2-6-2014 – Bulls Retook Weekly Trend Line

Bulls came out to play today, buying in force generating an impressive 2.31 points green daily candle, and an impulsive like wave. Today’s most important achievement in my opinion is that bulls have managed to retake the weekly trend line closing almost half a point above it. I have been writing multiple times about the importance of not closing below this line for the bulls, and this is certainly a good sign but what worries me is the fact that it looks like we are due for a pullback tomorrow (see daily battle plan for details) which will probably close below the weekly, so bulls better pray.

The signals I published last night were triggered this morning and the system entered long positions on both intervals and is holding them overnight, I expect to exit at least one of them tomorrow if the pullback I wrote above materializes, otherwise w’ll just make more profit.

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