Battle Plan Progress 10-30-2013

3 PM: Wild Wild Swinging and eventually a break down. Spy crossed the 120 min short signal but did not confirm yet if you took the trade the stop is over 177.07.

120 min Stop signal over 177.07

2013-10-30-3 pm - update

1 PM: The long reversal position was stopped and the take profit line with a PROFIT

It remains to be seen if bears can pull it off or like I stipulated last night this will not break the 176.

With this decline we have a new reversal entry signal

60 min long reversal entry over 177.34

120 min short signal under 176.05

2013-10-30-1 pm - update

11 AM: SPY Pretty much reached the target area for the inv head and shoulders I was writing about since Friday and it looks like everybody is waiting for FOMC before doing anything

60 min reversal take profit stop under 177.02

120 min short signal under 176.05

2013-10-30-11 am - update