About Me

I am a 40+ entrepreneur with a long history in the software start up scene. In 1997 I heard a lecture by H.S. Dent on Economics and Demographics and fell in love with the stock market. Since then I have studied and researched various trading systems ranging from the very technical (flags, divergences…) to the bizarre and holistic (sunspots, Elliot waves…). During my quest for knowledge I read many trader Blogs most of them analyzing past behavior and some of them trying to predict the future, but all of those were vague and general and would not help me at all as a trader. I could not find a simple straightforward Blog that would plainly describe entry and exit points and help me in my day to day trades, so I decided to start one.

This Blog is intended to help traders to trade better and with more confidence by describing the potential trades I see and providing as much as possible real time updates on entries and exists. My trading triggers are based on a system I developed combining some of the techniques I learned and so far it bring good results but remember nothing lasts forever. This Blog should not be considered as a recommendation to do anything and may or may not represent my private thoughts about the subject. Please make sure you read the disclaimer.

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