Battle Plan Progress 1-31-2014

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3 PM: Looks like this push up is over for now and we are set for a pullback. The system also issued a 60 min reversal short signal

60 min reversal short under 178.22

120 min reversal short stop over 179.4

2014-1-31-3 pm - update


1 PM: This may sound strange but so for the rally is impulsive, so there is a strong possiblity of a double bottom, at least now we have a better stop for the 120 reversal

120 min reversal short stop over 179.4

2014-1-31 -1 pm - update

10 AM: I had a reversal scenario but as I twitted at the open the huge gap down is making me seriously doubt the profit/risk ratio here, I will follow the trade anyway for statistics

120 min reversal short stop over 179.69

2014-1-31-10 am - update

Daily Recap 1-30-2014 and then it Bounced

Yesterday’s system signals proved to be correct, and SPY bounced nicely today, mind you it could have done better and not give back some ground at the end of day but it was 1%+ green day so no complains. I am expecting more upside in the coming days but think it may be bumpy

The system made a 60 min interval long trade today and closed it just before the retrace started with profit, there is still a 120 min long open that may turn into a reversal, if you want to know more read my battle plan


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